Quotes are the beautiful emotions that can change somebody's life! Send our beautiful collection of free friendship quote greetings cards and let your friend know that you care all the time! These ecards will just enrich the bond of friendship you share.

Free Friendship Quote Greetings Cards

  • You Make A Big Difference...  - Printable Friendship Quotes Card

    You Make A Big Difference...

    Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure."A friend like you is like a precious gem...hard to find...difficult to part with and treasured forever.To a friend who's always close to my heart!

  • I Have Got A Friend In You...  - Printable Friendship Quotes Card

    I Have Got A Friend In You...

    The greatest sweetner of human life is friendship Your friendship is.. Richer than chocolates More fun than ice cream 'oh' so sweeter than strawberries Dessert for my soul!

  • At Times Friends Part...  - Printable Friendship Quotes Card

    At Times Friends Part...

    Friendship grows out of chance .. meeting a mere glance & then a smile.. & touches the heart in more ways than one! Isn't it great how we have grown.. from being perfect strangers to who we're today! I am so fortunate to have found a wonderful friend like you!

  • Words From The Heart!  - Printable Friendship Quotes Card

    Words From The Heart!

    What happiness means...dunno what happiness is..It's knowing that you are loved,u are carred for !thanks for being there..every second every minute and every hour!